Kwikset Home Connect 620 Contemporary Keypad Connected Smart Lock Review

When I purchased my home, I upgrade my front door lock to the Kwikset Home Connect 620 Contemporary Keypad Connected Smart Lock with Z-Wave Technology primarily because it matched all my other matte black finishing at my house. However, due to my experience with this lock, I will never buy a Kwikset device ever again.

WTF is Z-Wave?

I’ve never heard of Z-Wave before getting this smart lock. I looked for a Z-Wave hub and these are the options from their site:

  • Alula Connect+ Security, which requires a subscription to have Z-Wave function
  • Other $200+ hubs
  • A Raspberry Pi Module, which I tried to set up and did not work, so I ended up wasting $200 trying to set this up

This is probably the most user unfriendly feature I’ve ever experienced. Avoid anything Z-Wave at all costs. Why couldn’t they just use WiFi or Bluetooth?

Battery Powered

This device is battery powered, which makes installation easy. But what happens when you forgot your key and the battery goes out, so the keypad doesn’t work and you can’t get into the house? Or what happens if you rely on the automatic locking feature, but you were unaware that the battery was out, so you inadvertently left your house unlocked all day? If only your device was connected to the internet so it could notify you when it’s low on batteries.

FAQ-Powered Instructions

The instructions lacked many details. For example, it doesn’t tell you how to “remove a code” and just briefly mentions it. After Googling, you’ll find that the answer is in the FAQ. Z-Wave instructions also weren’t very good, so I wasn’t sure if it was the smart lock or hub that was broken. I still don’t know because I’ve given up.

Poor Security

Perhaps the scariest feature of all is its poor security. If you are inside the house, you can simply press the program key and enter your own code. This means that anyone that has entered your house could potentially add their own code, then enter the house themselves. You also don’t know all the activated codes. Sure, don’t let strangers into your house, but imagine you have an open house or are throwing a party.

Don’t Buy It!

Don’t buy anything Z-Wave powered! Don’t buy any battery-powered smart locks!