I am currently available a few hours a week for consulting. If you’re interested, please email me at My rate for new clients is $250/hour.

If you’re looking for an individual contributor, I am not the best consultant for you given my limited hours. I specialize in architecture, best practices, and cross-functional collaboration. This includes:

  • Architecture design & review (both frontend and backend) using Domain-Driven Design and Clean Architecture
  • Project implementation plans based on architecture design
  • Breaking up monoliths into services
  • Node.js server deployments with minimal node.js servers, Koa, or Express
  • CI/CD with GitHub Actions, Jenkins, and CircleCI
  • eslint, stylelint, and prettier
  • Automation testing with Cypress, Selenium, and Puppeteer
  • Monitoring and alerting with tools such as Pingdom, OpenTSDB, Prometheus, InfluxDB, Grafana, or Datadog
  • Engineering productivity and effectiveness
  • AB Test implementation strategies
  • Project management with JIRA
  • Vendor RFPs
  • Organizational team structures
  • Selling engineering initiatives to product managers and stakeholders
  • Feasibility studies of product initiatives
  • AWS database migrations

Current & Recent Clients

Project Inquiries

For large projects, you can contact us at our agency Benefactum, but we generally focus on government and non-profit projects.