Many years ago, I helped TJ build Koa. It has been stable for a few years, but I have been spending a few hours here and there lately trying to get it updated.

Here are the repositories and modules I maintain. Feel free to contact me if you have any issues or questions with them:

Module Repository Description
koa koajs/koa Koa JS framework
koa-compose koajs/compose Middleware execution
koa-compress koajs/compress Compression middleware
koa-mount koajs/mount Mount middleware on a prefix
koa-path-match koajs/path-match Routing middleware
koa-redis-session-sets koajs/redis-session-sets Session middleware
koa-conditional-get koajs/conditional-get Conditional get middleware
koa-etag koajs/etag ETag middleware
koa-response-time koajs/response-time Response time middleware
koa-ctx-cache-control koajs/ctx-cache-control Augment Koa with ctx.cacheControl(maxAge)
koa-ctx-basic-auth koajs/ctx-basic-auth Augments Koa with ctx.basicAuth
koa-favicon koajs/favicon Favicon middleware
koa-json koajs/json Pretty-printed JSON response middleware
koa-body-parsers koajs/body-parsers Collection of body parsers
koa-static koajs/static Static file server middleware

Other Koa libraries I recommend:

Module Respository Description
concurrency-logger PabloSichert/concurrency-logger Concurrently log requests