FR vs. Schwab vs. TransferWise for ATM withdrawals

I use First Republic and Schwab for banking and investing, respectively. Previously, when traveling, I withdrew cash with my Schwab checking account as it had no fees when withdrawing internationally. However, to get a personal line of credit, I moved my checking to First Republic.

However, First Republic doesn’t explicitly say whether they charge currency exchange fees, but they did say they don’t charge any fees. So, I tried it out by withdrawing money from both my First Republic and Schwab accounts and calculating the effective exchange rates.

Account Euro Exchange Rate
First Republic 1.1824
Schwab 1.1824
Wise 1.18050

Both First Republic and Schwab used the same exchange rate, did not charge any currency conversion fees, and reimbursed me for the €3.95 ATM fee. At the same time, I looked up the Wise exchange rate, which was much better. However, Wise does not reimburse ATM fees and charges 2%+ for withdrawals over $100, which makes it more expensive overall.

Overall, I am happy with my First Republic and Schwab accounts and still haven’t found a use for my Wise account.