Products I regret buying (2021)

LG UltraFine 5K

I purchased two LG UltraFine 5K monitors when they were first released around November 2019 with a 25% introductory discount. However, these initial monitors were plagued by a Wi-Fi router issue. My screens would randomly flicker, which became really annoying. A free fix through warranty helped reduced the flicker, but the flickers increased over the course of a few years. Eventually, I switched to new monitors, but this was an expensive mistake.

Dyson Fans

I bought a few Dyson fans specifically for three reasons: they’re quiet, they look nice, and they have an app. However, I realized after buying my third one that they were quite unreliable. My newest fan’s motors blew out, which seems to be pretty common. Since I only had it for a few months, when I tried to get it fixed through warranty, they made me drive to their North Hollywood service center, which is an about 45 minute commute for me each way. They had no option to ship, which was what I was accustomed to. Just for this reason, I would never buy a Dyson again.


During Black Friday, I was looking for speakers for my living room which for the longest time only had the TV’s speakers. I settled on Sonos as it seemed at the time to be the best smart speakers available. I will say, the speakers are pretty good, the sub-woofer is great, and the app is flawless.

My only regret is that I later bought two Apple HomePods for my room and they were insanely good for $400 total. If I had known this, I would’ve bought Apple HomePods for my living room as well. I don’t think Sonos is worth the cost unless you buy the Fives; when on sale, Apple HomePods cost as much as the Ones and are much better.

CB2 Furniture

I’ve purchased many items from CB2 and I’ve regretted all furniture purchases - accessories have been okay since it’s hard to mess those up. The first purchase was a coat hangar that is very flimsy - I’ve tighten all the screws and it feels like it’s going to collapse every time you put another coat on it.

My biggest regret was my bed. I bought a metal frame bed, but after a few years, the finishing on the head board started coming off. It looked pretty gross, but there was nothing I could do about it. The final straw was when I broke two slats - I asked CB2 where I could buy more and they said that this bed frame was no longer being sold so there aren’t any replacements. CB2 seems to be the fast fashion of furniture - stick with classics like the Ikea Malm or go full metal like I did at Room and Board - steel slats remove the need for center beam support!