Three Years with Diversy Fund

I invested $500 in Diversy Fund in 2019 along with my other alternative investments. This one was probably my least favorite.

Diversy Fund Investments

Over 2 years, they distributed dividends that were automatically reinvested, accumulating to a total of $555.22 in investments. After October 2021, they stopped providing dividends and I don’t care enough to know why (they did send an email).

The problem with the dashboard is that they don’t provide information on the NAV of my investment unlike other alternative platforms like Fundrise and Masterworks. Since dividends have stopped, the fund must be focusing on appreciation, but it is not reflected on my dashboard. I have no insight into how my money is doing.

These funds are time-limited to about 5 years, so my investment should be liquidated soon at least. I am going to cash out my investment unless I receive amazing returns, which I doubt.

I don’t really recommend signing up for Diversy Fund but if you do, use my referral code.