Two Years With Yieldstreet: a Review

I invested into yet another alternative investment platform to experience it. In this case, I invested $1,000 into Yieldstreet on July 20th, 2021.

Date Type Amount Notes
2021/07/20 Deposit $1,000
2022/07/21 Withdrawal $21.58
2022/11/22 Withdrawal $21.63
2023/04/12 Withdrawal $22.14
2023/08/01 Withdrawal $437.97 Tender Offer
2023/10/16 Withdrawal $621.51 Tender Offer

In June 2023, Yieldstreet announced a tender offer, buying back shares from their investors, which I partook in. They only bought back $437.97 of my about $1,100 balance, which is not that great of a return over two years, but it’s nice to know that it has some liquidity. As of August 19, 2023, my account has a balance of $621.27, which means it has gained about $124.59 over the past 2 years, which is about a rate of return of 6% per year. This isn’t great, but isn’t terrible; I’d much rather have my money in liquid stocks.

I’d rate Yieldstreet higher than Diversyfund, but I still like Fundrise the best. I am going to liquidate all my positions in alternative investments except for probably Fundrise (will explain in a following blog post).

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December 29, 2023 Update

On October, Yieldstreet did another tender offer. Over all, I got a ~12.5% return over 2.5 years, which averages out to 4.8% annual returns. Not very good.