Arcadia Community Colar Shutting Down and Not Refunding Me at All at Once

Trying new services is always a risk. Since my last post about Arcadia Community Solar, they have since shut down their offering. Looking at their site, they seem to be moving away from their consumer business towards B2B, which I don’t understand at all.

I have about $450 in credit remaining with them, which they won’t refund me all at once. Instead, they are refunding me $5.17 per month, but are also requiring me to subscribe to their $5/month plan. I have to subscribe to their services for another 87 months or 7 years to get my full refund. This in turn makes the refunds useless except for the additional credit card rewards I receive (since Southern California Edison does not allow automatic credit card payments). These credit card rewards are about $4/month, assuming 2% cash back on an average $200/month electricity bill.